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Seasonal Wellness Shares

Community Supported Herbalism (CSH) is designed just like a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture), but offers shares of herbal products such as teas, tinctures, and skin care products.  At Wild Seed Apothecary, our CSH is organized around the change of seasons.  Seasonal transitions place our bodies under an increased amount of stress as our internal state works to acclimate to changes in the environment (weather, light, temperature, etc).  At these times it is increasingly important to be mindful of our bodies, as we are more likely to feel rundown, exhausted or overwhelmed. Our bodies also have different needs during each season; for example, our skin often requires rich moisturizer or a thicker salve in winter than during the humidity of summer and we are more likely to come down with a cold or the flu during the dry winter months. Our wellness philosophy ties into Traditional Chinese Medicine’s Five Element Theory, which designates a relationship between each season and particular organs in the body. Working to nourish and support these organs in particular during the corresponding season helps your body maintain optimum health throughout the year.

WSA offers a bundle of herbal products that are geared toward supporting your body through the different particulars each season brings. Seasonal Wellness Shares are distributed just before the beginning of each season to offer maximum support during the transitional time and throughout the season.  Each share is accompanied by directions on how to use each product, information regarding the plants incorporated into the products, an herb-influenced seasonal recipe, a plant-card,  and seasonal-specific health tips.


Seasonal Wellness Shares* include the following products, as well as detailed information on each product and seasonal health tips

  • single herb and compound formula tinctures (echinacea extract, liver tonic tincture, etc)
  • herbal tea (nourishing nettles, sweet dreams tea blend, etc)
  • skin care products (salve, skin cream, facial scrub, toner, etc)
  • specialty items (fire cider, elderberry syrup, herbal vinegar, etc)
  • plant card (a drawing with botanical & medicinal information)
  • 10% off additional herbal products during your season of membership!

*Small Shares contain 4 herbal products (your choice of 4 products from the seasonal options)

*Large Shares contain 7 herbal products (2 different tinctures, 2 different skin care items, 1 tea blend, 2 different specialty products)

All of WSA’s products are made from plants that we grow organically, wildcraft in an ethical and sustainable manner, or purchase from reputable sources that we trust. All of the oils, waxes, and vinegars we use are certified organic. We use only the best ingredients!

DISTRIBUTION:  choose a local pick up or have your share mailed directly to your house!

  • SPRING share is available in March
  • SUMMER share is available in June
  • AUTUMN share is available in September
  • WINTER share is available in December



  • Small Share$65 each (plus NYS sales tax, where applicable)

Want it delivered to your doorstep? Just add $11/share for shipping.

Sign up for a full year (4 seasonal shares), receive a $10 discount!

  • Large Share$100 each (plus NYS sales tax, where applicable)

Want it delivered to your doorstep? Just add $11/share for shipping.

Sign up for a full year (4 seasonal shares), receive a $15 discount!


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